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Cloud and shared hosting

Shared Hosting:

Shared web hosting is the cheapest, most popular and most widely available type of hosting solution. Shared hosting a single server is divided up between multiple users. Each user will get a shared amount of bandwidth. Each user can also put an unlimited amount of sites on their account. So the server that’s being split up between multiple accounts can sometimes end up hosting thousands of sites.

This means that your site could perform poorly if another site on the server is taking up too many resources.

Cloud hosting is better for larger sites, while shared hosting can be a great choice for those with a very tight budget or for people who are planning on keeping their sites very small.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting, allows you to use the resources of multiple servers, rather than having your site confined to a single server location.

The main benefit of cloud hosting is that it allows for unlimited expansion and is a must-have for heavy traffic sites. Cloud hosting allows for greater protection from a crashed server. If one server is crashed, you’ll simply be switched to another cloud server.

Which one best option for your website. Cloud Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Cloud hosting is widely seen as a better than to shared hosting. Cloud hosting is more ability to handle large amounts of traffic, its improved security protection, and its reliability.

Mostly cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting plans. If you’re planning on growing your site and you need a site with a high-performance rate, the advantages then cloud hosting will probably be the best option for your needs.